NoHold is a software and hardware prototype for an on hold marketing system.

This blog is a little sandbox.
It's currently using Python, flask, jinja2, werkzeug, SQLAlchemy, quick_orm, jQuery, sqlite and a number of other technologies held together with adequate duck tape.


LibOfLegends is a library for interfacing with League of Legends.
After reverse engineering the League of Legends AIR client I implemented an initial version of the library.
I donated the code to epicvrvs who used it (and the dependent FluorineFxMods project) to produce a stats tracking service/utility.


FluorineFXMods is contains a branch of (a now ageing version of) FluorineFX, and provides two simple modifications to support RTMPS (Real Time Messaging Protocol over SSL) and SOCKS proxy support.
These were needed to interact with the League of Legends backend services in LibOfLegends.


DeusOvis/DarkDeus were Ultima Online shards that I helped to run for a good number of years.
We had strong British and Lithuanian communities dedicated to a hardcore set of game mechanics.